474 West Bankhead Street, New Albany, MS, USA

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Welcome to Family Clinic of New Albany

Welcome to Family Clinic of New Albany

Welcome to Family Clinic of New AlbanyWelcome to Family Clinic of New Albany

About Us


Our Beginning

Opened in 2001 as a rural health clinic after the closing of Dr. Ellis’ office and a genuine need for primary care in Union County. 


Our Purpose

We have been providing thorough, compassionate healthcare to Union County and the surrounding areas for 17 years. Our focus is our patients and their well being. We strive to find the underlying cause behind the symptoms, rather than just putting a bandaid over it. We encourage community involvement and love to engage our patients to take ownership of their state of health, and provide in depth education to make sure they understand all of their diagnoses.


Our Facility

We pride ourselves on our ability to make our patient’s feel at home and welcome in a warm-homelike environment. We strive to make this office feel different than any other medical clinic our patient’s have ever been to. We have themed rooms and a newly renovated lobby. We have a freedom room, decorated in red, white, and blue America pictures for our veteran’s; we have an entire room covered from wall to wall with Elvis memorabilia. We have a “sunshine room” which is themed in “You are my sunshine” pictures as a tribute to the song that one of our provider’s mother’s sang her every night before bed. We have a faith room, with uplifting, Christian quotes on the wall, in calming colors, which we utilize for those with anxiety or depression when possible. We have a farm/family room that is decked out with eclectic farm figurines and photos, alongside family photos of our own. Our renovated lobby feels like you are waiting in your living room (along with a few other people, ha-ha), with a warm cozy fireplace and a complimentary coffee bar.